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QZ-CX491 Intelligent operation and display device

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Qz-cx491 series products are a new modular and intelligent operation measurement display device designed and developed by Shandong Qinzhi Electric Co., Ltd. according to the current technical development of medium voltage system switch cabinet.

This series of products include loop analog indication, live indication and locking function, temperature and humidity digital real-time display, automatic heating and dehumidification control, automatic exhaust cooling control, circuit breaker opening and closing status indication, energy storage, grounding switch indication, handcart position indication, human body induction voice prompt, intelligent anti misoperation voice prompt, measurement and display of main circuit power parameters, and high voltage electrical contact Online temperature measurement and RS485 communication interface can be selected according to the needs.

This series of products are equipped in the switch cabinet with integrated layout, which will simplify the panel structure design of the switch cabinet, beautify the panel layout of the switch cabinet, and improve the indication function and safety performance of the switch status. This series of products can be used for 3 ~ 40kV indoor switchgear, central cabinet, handcart cabinet, fixed cabinet, ring network cabinet and other switch cabinets, which meet the lec25522 standard.

Model definition

Qz-cx491 series intelligent operation and display device is expanded to six different models according to different functions of products, including qz-cx4910, qz-cx4911, qz-cx4912, qz-cx4913, qz-cx4914, qz-cx4916, qz-cx4919, etc.

①Product model code,QZ-CX4910,QZ-CX4911,QZ-CX4912,QZ-CX4913,QZ-C×4914.
QZ-CX4916,QZ-CX4919 Optional.
②There are two ways of temperature and humidity control: Th2 and Th1, otherwise this item is omitted.
③If there is no electromagnetic locking output, this item is omitted.
④Live display, no live display function omit this item.
⑤Working power supply: dc220v, AC220V, dc110v optional.
⑥If there is no voice prompt, this item will be omitted.Ors485 communication, if there is no communication, this item is omitted.

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