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Shandong Qinzhi will provide you with "24 + 7" product technical services. We hope to provide you with a full range of technical services and consultant support on the basis of providing you with "one-to-one" Chinese engineer system solutions.

We provide you with "product technical services" and "project consulting services": product technical services implement the whole product life cycle of design, R & D, production and after-sales; "project consulting services" is committed to tracking the progress of project engineering; each service type provides a variety of service packages for you to choose, so as to ensure that after you know the progress of your project, you can Quickly and effectively find the service category you need.

Shandong Qinzhi can provide customized products for you.

System installation and debugging: provide rapid and efficient implementation of industry solutions; system training: training in technology, operation, maintenance, etc.

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