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QZ-CS6767 Intelligent dehumidifier

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1、 Product overview

The intelligent dehumidification device adopts semiconductor refrigeration dehumidification mode. The humid air in the confined space is inhaled into the dehumidification duct under the action of the fan. The water vapor in the air is absorbed by the semiconductor refrigeration mechanism and condensed into water, and then discharged through the water pipe, which can achieve good dehumidification effect. By reducing the water content in the air, the relative humidity is reduced, the temperature is hardly raised, and the negative impact of temperature difference is not produced, so the occurrence of accidents is fundamentally eliminated or reduced. It can quickly and effectively reduce the air humidity in the electrical cabinet and inhibit the condensation phenomenon. It has a significant effect on the prevention of equipment aging, insulation strength reduction, secondary terminal breakdown, material change and steel structure corrosion caused by moisture and condensation. This device is the first choice of dehumidification equipment to ensure the efficient and safe operation of smart grid.

This device is used in power equipment such as outdoor terminal box, high and low voltage control cabinet, high and low voltage switch cabinet, ring network cabinet, box type substation, instrument box and other occasions that need automatic moisture removal and condensation prevention.

2、 Product features and selection table

1. Small size, light weight, convenient installation;

2. Automatic operation and manual dehumidification function switch, temperature start value and dehumidification start value are adjustable;

3. The dehumidification duct can actively induce condensation and exhaust gas to heat and dehumidify, which effectively achieves the comprehensive treatment of moisture-proof and dehumidification in the enclosed space of electrical cabinet;

4. The humidity and temperature sensors can sample in real time for 24 hours, and automatically induce coagulation when exceeding the set starting value;

5. The humidity and temperature settings have memory function and will not disappear due to shutdown;

6. The fault display function can quickly find the fault point and ensure the normal operation;

7. Special moisture-proof elements are used to ensure normal operation in humid environment;

8. The application of shielding and isolation technology conforms to the level 3 standard of GB / t17626-2008, which ensures that it can work under strong electromagnetic field;

9. The dehumidification and condensation pipeline can discharge the water after condensation out of the cabinet.


3、 Description of technical parameters

Parameter name Technical parameter Parameter name Technical parameter
Working power supply AC/DC220V Dehumidification efficiency 430ml / day (60W, 35 ℃ RH = 85% working condition)
Heating power 50~300W Dehumidification temperature 5℃~60℃
Dehumidification power 30W,45W,60W Working temperature -25℃~85℃
Humidity detection range 20%RH~99%RH Temperature detection range -20C~125℃
Dehumidification start value 35%RH~99%RH Heating start value 1℃~30℃
Humidity measurement accuracy ±3%RH Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃
Display mode 6-bit digital display Display resolution 0.1
Shell material Plastic cement Dimensions 173*86*61mm
(h * w * d)
Net weight 0.7kg Aqueduct Silica gel D8 * 12mm, l1.5m
Communication interface RS485 Lora wireless communication Communication distance ≤ 1km (optional)


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