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Harbin Mudan high speed railway, also known as Harbin Mudanjiang passenger dedicated line, is a high-speed railway connecting Harbin City and Mudanjiang City in Heilongjiang Province of China. It is a part of Suiman channel of China's "eight horizontal and eight vertical" high-speed railway network, and also a component part of "one axis, two rings, one side" railway network in Heilongjiang Province.  

The electrical connection point of railway electric traction power supply system will overheat in operation, and the conductor will be burned seriously, resulting in power supply interruption and affecting the normal railway transportation. Qinzhi electric optical fiber thermometer has been successfully put into operation in the power supply equipment of Harbin Mudanjiang high speed railway. It can monitor the temperature of key parts of the power supply system in real time, so as to avoid serious accidents caused by high heat. It has played a great role in protecting the normal power generation of railway traction power supply system equipment. The completion and opening of Harbin Mu high speed railway is conducive to releasing the transport capacity of the existing line of Harbin Mu high speed railway, and further unblocking China, Russia, Europe, and the United States The land sea connection of Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions is of great significance for attracting economic factors such as human flow, logistics and capital flow to gather in this region, carrying the industrial transfer at home and abroad, building a developed export-oriented industrial system, and creating a new economic growth pole.

Qinzhi electric continues to innovate, providing real-time, accurate, long-term and reliable temperature sensing equipment for railway intelligent power supply, making contributions to the optimization and improvement of intelligent railway power supply, and continuously contributing to the development of world rail transit!

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