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Application of Shijiazhuang Metro

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Forty four dry-type transformers fluorescent optical fiber thermometers of Qinzhi electric have been successfully put into operation in the construction of Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1. When the electrical equipment is used for too long, overload, insulation aging or poor contact, local overheating will occur. The fluorescent optical fiber thermometer of dry-type transformer and its photoelectric can monitor the temperature of several important positions of the equipment in real time, and alarm the abnormal temperature site in time, so that the personnel can deal with it in time and effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents.

Shijiazhuang Metro Line 1 is located in the main axis of Shijiazhuang urban area. As the most important part of Shijiazhuang metro line, it can effectively expand the development space of the urban area, improve the travel conditions of citizens, and relieve the pressure of ground bus. It plays a great role in promoting the traffic, passenger flow and logistics of the main urban area, high-tech zone and Zhengding new area.

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