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Qinzhi electric transformer fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system has been successfully applied to tongrang railway project site, which can accurately monitor the operation status of the transformer on the project site, and provide guarantee for the safe operation of the project. The project has been put into operation.

Tongrang line starts from Tongliao east station of Shenyang Bureau and ends at ranghu Road West Station of Binzhou line of Harbin Railway Bureau. It is an important traffic trunk line in the west of Northeast China. It is responsible for the import of coal, building materials, steel and other materials in the "Hadaqi industrial corridor", as well as the output task of Daqing refined oil and petrochemical products. Qinzhi Electric's fluorescent optical fiber temperature measurement products have strengthened a strong protection line for the safe operation of tongrang railway. The successful operation of tongrang railway plays an important supporting role in the industrial layout and economic development of the areas along the line.


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