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QZ-FJKZ series transformer air cooling control cabinet

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Qz-fjkz series transformer air cooling control cabinet produced by our company is designed and produced for oil immersed (natural circulation air cooling) or forced oil air cooling transformer with cooling fan and cooling blade fan.

It is mainly used for cooling control of 110kV, 220kV, 330kV, 500kV, 750kV main transformer, combined transformer and + 800kV DC converter transformer oil immersed air-cooled transformer. The product adopts PLC programmable controller of Siemens or OMRON company, uses PLC central control unit module, through real-time acquisition of main transformer upper oil immersion, main transformer operating load, oil flow relay, three side switch trip position relay, motor protection equipment position status, etc., according to the collected parameters, the corresponding number of cooling fans and oil pumps are put into or out dynamically. The cooling period can be flexibly set to three operation modes: automatic, manual and stop.

Product advantages

Device selection

The core control adopts PLC programmable controller suitable for harsh environment, mainly including Siemens, Omron and other international well-known products. The main circuit and control circuit are made of Siemens, Omron, Schneider and other companies as the main components, and Phoenix products are used as the connection terminals to ensure the stability and reliability of all links.

Perfect system protection

The product includes the innovative design of power supply protection, phase loss protection, over-current protection and system fault self diagnosis protection, and the selection of manual and automatic control modes, which makes the equipment more safe and reliable in operation. If PLC is abnormal, the system will automatically switch to manual operation, which will not cause air cooling shutdown and affect the permission, and will not be unable to arrive at the site in time because of three or five people on duty Cause the transformer to burn out or trip by mistake.

Intelligent control

According to the requirements of transformer operation regulations, the parameters are set in advance to automatically put in and out of the cooling fan and the rotation operation, and the operation status of the air cooling system is uploaded in real time, which completely solves the manual periodic operation control, reduces the workload of operators, and realizes full-automatic control.

Humanization of display and operation

5.7-inch touch screen, full Chinese display, convenient operation, real-time display of operation status, fault alarm record and analysis, authority password setting, operation mode and control parameter modification, etc.

Remote communication

It has the functions of remote control, telemetry, remote signaling and remote regulation. It can be used for centralized monitoring and remote maintenance and monitoring by using inetme network terminal.

Prolonging the service life of cooling system and energy saving

According to the top oil temperature and operating load of the transformer, the number of cooling fans should be scientifically put into operation, and the cooling fans should be used in a balanced way and two groups of AC power supply (I Ⅱ section) should be used in different periods, so as to prolong the service life of the equipment and reduce the energy consumption and energy saving effect.

The device will not be wired

All installed electrical components and wiring shall be arranged and designed according to relevant national or industrial standards to ensure the specification of creepage distance between phases or distributed capacitance of phase line. Each electrical component shall be wired independently, and the system will not collapse due to maintenance or replacement of individual components.

Use and maintenance

The interface design of the control cabinet is safe and compatible with the original system, without additional wiring and simple installation. There is no need for operating personnel after installation and commissioning.

Shell material and structure

The shell and internal accessories have been processed with stainless steel, the structure design is scientific and beautiful, the protection grade is IP54, and there are perfect heat dissipation measures, which fully meet the outdoor design and installation requirements.

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