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QZ-CK7676 Intelligent communication measurement and control device

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Qz-ck7676 series intelligent communication measurement and control device is suitable for the intelligent measurement and control and communication management of the box type transformer of photovoltaic power station in the non direct grounding system or small resistance grounding system with the voltage level of 35kV and below. It can realize the analog data acquisition, non electric quantity protection, remote control and communication functions at the high and low voltage sides of the box transformer. At the same time, it also integrates the functions of communication manager and optical fiber switch, and can be connected to the reverse The data communication of transformer, combiner box, module monitor, irradiator and other equipment can realize the centralized and transmission of communication information of intelligent equipment in the station, and access the monitoring system of photovoltaic power station through self-healing ring optical fiber Ethernet, so as to realize the remote management and automatic monitoring of photovoltaic electric field, and meet the operation management of photovoltaic power station which is fully intelligent, "unattended and unattended" The demand of management mode. Qz-ck7676 intelligent communication measurement and control device can be installed in group screen or locally in control cabinet of box transformer.

main features

A standard 5u / 6U aluminum alloy cylinder case is adopted;

·LED light indication, digital tube display, adapt to extreme high and low temperature;

·The sampling accuracy is high, and the accuracy of measuring current and voltage is better than 0.5% (- 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃);

The accuracy is 0.5 level, which can accumulate electrical measurement; A. AC / DC wide range auxiliary power supply, the working range is AC / DC 86v ~ 320v;

·24 channel switch input (including non power input), supporting AC and DC dual-use, supporting self-contained 24 V DC power supply:

A10 relay outputs, including 3 signal contacts and 7 outlet contacts;

·4-channel DC input (4-20mA or o-5v) input, 4-channel thermal resistance input; s environmental temperature and humidity monitoring (2 channels), real-time monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity in the box transformer.

·5-channel Ethernet (2-way optical and 3-Power), 10 / 100M self-adaptive, supporting MODBUS and IEC60870-5-103 communication protocol, optical Ethernet can form a self-healing optical fiber ring network, the self-healing time is not more than 100ms; with protocol conversion module (2-way RS232 / RS485, 6-way RS485, 2-way can / RS485), it supports multiple equipment access and protocol conversion on site, so as to facilitate various local devices to upload various messages in optical fiber mode Interest;

·It has ZigBee interface (1 channel) to realize cascade monitoring of PV power station together with dsv100c / M PV module;

·Support more than 6 PC connections.

Technical parameter

Input Measurement accuracy
Connection Three phase four wire / three phase three wire Voltage, current, active power and reactive power True RMS measurement, class 0.5
Line voltage 315V4A8QVW500V/690V Frequency Better than 0.01Hz
Electric current 1A / 5A (max. 2 times) Active electric energy Grade 0.5
Switch input 24 way, AC / DC220 V or DC24 V (provided by the device) Reactive energy Grade 1
Output Output
RS485 2.4k-19.2k BPs, supporting 32 nodes Outlet relay 8A 250VAC,8A 30V DC
ZigBee Baud rate: 250kbps Alarm relay
Signal relay
5A250V AC,5A 30VDC
Transmission distance: sight distance 1000M 5A250VAC,5A 30V DC
Ethernet Transmission rate: 100Mbps Timing interface Interface level: RS485
Transmission distance: < 100m Support protocol: irig-bdc
Self healing optical fiber ring network

Power consumption glass fiber, SC interface, single mode /1310nm, the typical distance is 40km

Power supply Temperature
Scope of work AC/DC 86V-320V Storage temperature -50℃~+80℃
Power waste Normal operation ≤ 10W; device action ≤ 15W Working temperature -40℃-+70℃

EMC experiment

1MHz pulse group interference test Grade 3(GB/T 17626.12-1998)
Electrostatic discharge test Grade 4(GB/T14598.14-2010)
Radiated electromagnetic field interference test Grade 3(GB/T17626.3-2006)
Fast transient interference test Grade A(GB/T 14598.10-2007)
Surge test Grade 4(GB/T17626.5-2008)
RF conducted interference test Grade 3(GB/T 17626.6-2008)
Power frequency magnetic field immunity test Grade 5(GB/T 17626.8-2006)
Pulsed magnetic field test Grade 5(GB/T 17626.9-1998)
Damped oscillation magnetic field test Grade 5(GB/T17626.10-1998)


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