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QZ-WK3141Temperature controller of dry type transformer

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This instrument is a new generation of computer temperature controller designed by our company for the new air-cooled dry-type transformer. It adopts the single-chip computer made in the United States as the control core and combines with the most advanced data storage technology, so that the performance of the whole product has stepped to a new stage. Compared with the traditional temperature controller composed of analog and digital circuits, the number of electronic components required is reduced by more than half due to the use of high-performance microcomputer controller. Thus, the circuit design and structure design of the instrument are greatly simplified, so the operation reliability of the instrument is greatly improved. The computer temperature controller produced by our company can set the temperature only by setting a few buttons on the panel, and the parameters set will never be lost after power failure

"Black box" function can record the temperature of three winding packages at the time of power failure. In the aspect of anti-interference, the instrument adopts the anti-interference measures of combining hardware and software to monitor the work of temperature controller, so as to achieve a strong anti-interference ability. In use, the instrument also has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient installation and easy maintenance.

This product conforms to JB / t7631-2005 "resistance thermometer for transformer"

The product production system has passed ISO9001 quality system certification

Product model

Model Function
QZ-WK3141 The system can display the temperature of three-phase wire package, with the output of passive DC contact for fault, over temperature and trip, 0-6 fan control function, fan phase failure alarm protection function, RS232 or RS485 interface, and digital signals of three-phase temperature, fan status and sensor status are output at the same time. It also has 4-20mA analog current or three-way 1-5V analog voltage output to transmit three-phase temperature Quasi quantity. Each measuring point consists of two PTC thermistors (nonlinear) and one PT100 platinum resistor (linear).

Technical parameter

3.1 temperature measurement range: - 30 ℃ - 200 ℃

3.2 temperature measurement accuracy: 0.5% FS ± 1 word

3.3 resolution: 0.1 ℃

3.4 working voltage: ac176v-ac242v (50Hz)

3.5 power consumption: 5VA

3.6 sensor: three PT100 platinum thermistors, three PTC thermistors (option)

3.7 relay contact capacity: 10A / 250VAC

3.8 instrument weight < 3kg

3.9 overall dimension of instrument 260 × 200 × 80 (mm)

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