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QZ-N1349 Fluorescence-based Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System for "Winding Hot Spot" Transformer

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Qz-n1349 transformer winding optical fiber temperature control system has the characteristics of direct, online, real-time and accurate measurement of winding hot spot temperature, which can realize real-time and accurate monitoring of "hot spot" temperature under dynamic load. More and more domestic electric power departments and customers have installed or are installing optical fiber temperature control system on transformers. Using optical fiber temperature sensor probe to directly, online and real-time measure the temperature of transformer winding is gradually becoming an international common measurement method.

■ Provide dynamic, real-time, safe and reliable information, start the cooling system in time to ensure that the insulation of the transformer is not damaged or suffered minimal damage, and prolong the service life of the transformer;

■ Real time monitoring of "hot spot" temperature of transformer winding, evaluation of transformer operation status, more economical and effective control of cooling system, optimization of cost and enhancement of system reliability;

■ Real time monitoring of temperature information in transformer operation status, timely and effective load regulation and optimization of transformer load operation configuration are equivalent to additional capacity increase;

■ Long term on-line monitoring of transformer temperature change trend, construction of archives, and Realization of prior management and risk prediction;

■ During peak load operation, it is necessary to prevent the transformer from overheating and unexpected catastrophic failure;

■ Improve the design level and manufacturing quality of transformers.


■ meet the national standard load guide for oil immersed power transformers (GB / t1094.7-2008)

■ in line with the relevant provisions of "State Grid Corporation of China enterprise standard oil immersed transformer temperature measuring device site standard specification" Q / gdw400-210

Product characteristics

Real time and dynamic measurement and control of transformer operation status and temperature change trend

■ Risk prediction

Effective load control

■ Extended service life

■ Optimize design level and manufacturing quality

■ Ensure the safe transportation of appropriate load in case of emergency

■ Start cooling in time to ensure no damage to insulation

Performance index

Measuring range -40℃~260℃
Temperature measurement resolution 0.1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 1C or 1% of full scale
Temperature probe Support Shandong Qinzhi Electric Co., Ltd. lumapro be TP probe (optional)
Number of channels 2-6 channels optional
Temperature unit
Response time 2 sec / channel (depending on probe position)
Starting temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
Power Supply AC220v
Power waste <=10w
External fiber length 1-15m (optional)
Internal fiber length 1-15m (optional)
Weight <=3kg
Standard port

RS 485


Standard port | each channel is equipped with analog output: 4-20mA

Relays (2-6 optional)

Communication protocol Modbus


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