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QZ-2786 Fluorescence Fiber Temperature Monitoring System for Switchgear

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As a very important electrical equipment in power plants and substations, the contacts of dynamic and static contacts and bus bar joints are in high voltage and high current working state for a long time. Due to surface oxidation, corrosion, loose fastening bolts, contact aging and other factors at the junction of dynamic and static contacts and bus bar, the contact resistance increases, causing the temperature at the contact or joint to rise, and the degree of overheating will continue to intensify, which will affect the insulation performance and equipment life. The qz-2786 fluorescent optical fiber temperature control system of switchgear can realize the on-line monitoring of the contact and cable joint temperature of the switch cabinet Digital substation and maintenance are inevitable demands.

■ Predictive maintenance: early warning in advance to realize "unattended" and "management in advance", so as to take precautions;

■ Unmanned monitoring: saving manual inspection and filling the monitoring blind area;

■ Low cost monitoring: effectively locate abnormal temperature alarm, guide the staff to carry out positioning maintenance, save time and improve maintenance efficiency;

■ Avoid potential safety hazards and accidents: provide effective guarantee for the realization of safe production.

Industrial configuration

■ QZ-2786 fluorescent optical fiber thermometer for switchgear

Qz-2786 switch cabinet fluorescent optical fiber thermometer receives the optical signal with temperature information from the temperature measuring fluorescent fiber detector in real time, and demodulates it to the temperature value to realize the temperature measurement of the monitored position. It can not only work independently on a single machine, but also can be used in multiple networks. It is suitable for various applications.

■ Luma probe SP fluorescent optical fiber temperature sensing probe

Sensing probe pigtail

The size of the temperature measuring fluorescent optical fiber probe is very small, which can be directly installed on the measured point, with accurate temperature measurement and rapid response; the tail fiber is made of soft and solid special optical fiber, which has the advantages of high transmission bandwidth, stable signal, anti electromagnetic interference, anti winding, high impact strength and fast connection; the pigtail sheath has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation resistance and non adhesion Can adapt to high pressure, high temperature, strong electromagnetic and other harsh environment.

■ The display instrument of swlight switch cabinet fluorescent optical fiber temperature measurement display instrument has the functions of temperature display, alarm setting, sound and light alarm and fault diagnosis. It can realize the function of local display.

Product features:

It is specially developed for real-time online temperature monitoring of power switch cabinet.

■ Moderate cost

■ Wide temperature measurement range

■ High temperature measurement accuracy

■ Convenient and fast installation

■ Optional function configuration

■ Flexible configuration of channel number

Performance index

Temperature measurement resolution 0.1℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 1 ℃ or 1% of full scale
Temperature range -40℃~150℃
Probe Support Shandong Qinzhi Electric Co., Ltd. lumaprobe SP series probe (optional)
Number of channels 3 ~ 12 channels (cascade expansion)
Response time 1 sec / channel (depending on probe position)
Optical interface ST optical connector
Power Supply AC: 220 V / 50 Hz (± 20%) / DC: 24 V (customized)
Power waste <=5w
Fiber length 6m (optional)
Probe diameter 2.8mm
Weight <2kg
Standard interface RS-485 (2)
Display mode Local LED display
Communication protocol Modbus
Installation mode Standard C45 clip rail installation (with guide rail fixing buckle)


Product size

Monitoring host

The monitoring host can receive and process the normal information, fault information and disaster information from the optical fiber temperature demodulator in real time, and process and manage them quickly. The monitoring host has the functions of fault monitoring, display, alarm and information exchange, and can realize remote monitoring through the network.

Software features

Simple and practical man-machine interface and customer-oriented efficient engineering platform realize multi-user rights management.

The functions of data analysis, historical data query and curve display, real-time data curve display, alarm, data statistics, expert system and report output are realized simply.

software interface

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